Victoria. 18. Australia.
Nursing student but transfering into Midwifery next year.

Red vs Blue
That's all you need to know about me.

If you want to know more, ask. I won't bite.
  1. My FAVOURITE RT Short
    Food Wars

    Gus: Oh Jesus man! What the fuck’s wrong with you?
    Jack: What?
    Gus: You can’t just spit food out without calling it or anything!
    Joel: Gross.
    Jack: Oh sorry, food war, lunch.
    Gus: Lunch, is not a kind of food. Lunch is a meal. It’s like me asking what your fucking favourite colour was, and you saying rainbow. Goddamn it.

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    Weird, our sandwiches are all hot for each other.
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    Not my favorite. But a damn good one.
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